Sermons from February 2016

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Elijah Aaron The name “Joshua” means, “Yahweh saves.” If you are looking for a connection to Jesus in the Old Testament, there may not be a stronger one than Joshua; that is the Hebrew name that translates into Aramaic as Jesus. What Jesus is to God’s people in a larger sense, Joshua was to the […]

The Titles of Jesus

Elijah Aaron Titles not only tell us who a person is and what their job is, but they also may explain, as in Jesus’s case, why He was treated the way He was and why He was tortured and executed. This is another lesson from the “Follow Jesus” series.

Necessary But Not

Elijah Aaron “John is pressing into his Gospel from the very beginning the truth that human witnesses to Christ are always necessary. John was necessary. You and I are necessary.” Another lesson from this year’s series, “Follow Jesus.”