Proclaiming His Love and Mercy

Do You Have a Reservation Part 2

Last week we observed that many things in life require a reservation.  The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 1:4 that we can obtain a far more valuable reservation through the resurrection of Christ.  Last week we noted this reservation is an incorruptible inheritance.  Peter tells us it is also… 

3) Undefiled.  Undefiled comes from the Greek word amiontos, which means to be “free from that by which the nature of a thing is deformed and debased, or its force and vigor impaired” (Thayer, p. 32).  It also means pure in a religious or moral sense (Bauer, p. 46).  Thus, the inheritance of the child of God is one in which there is nothing to pollute nor contaminate it nor render it undesirable or soiled.  It is perfect in its nature because it is from a God who is perfect.

4) Does Not Fade Away.  Physical brilliance and beauty will, over time, fade away.  A flower which opens today and is brilliant in color and beauty, will tomorrow be faded and wilted.  We must work hard to keep our material possessions (our houses, automobiles, property) looking good, and we are disconcerted with the rapidity of their fading beauty.  God’s inheritance loses nothing which first gives it beauty and brilliance.  Its quality is forever superb and never diminished.

5) Reserved In Heaven for You.  Peter is talking to Christians in his letter, thus the reservation is “for you” who are in Christ.  It is a reservation recorded in heaven (Luke 10:23; Phil. 4:3; Rev. 21:27), and a reservation for a place in heaven, the dwelling place of God,  for eternity (John 14:2-3; Rev. 21:1-7).

Just like the nature of the reservations we make at a restaurant, the golf course, or a vacation spot, our reservation in heaven must be made in advance.  There will be no walk-ins accepted.  We will not be able at the last minute to talk or bribe our way in.  We must respond in faith in this life to God’s love shown through Christ in order to secure our reservation.  We do so when we hear God’s word (Rom. 10:17), believe in Jesus as the Christ (John 8:24), confess Him as Lord (Rom. 10:10), repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38), and live faithfully unto God (Rev. 21:7).

If you are a Christian, rejoice that God has a reservation specifically for you.  If not, make your reservation now while there is still time.

Do you have a reservation?

Tim Butler